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Real Estate Law
(Property Law, Land Transfer Law, Construction Law, Tenancy Law)

We comprehensively advise and represent you in all questions concerning real estate law (property law, land transfer law, construction law and tenancy law).

We are the right people to help you in the following areas:

Real Estate Law (general)

  • Real estate and construction law

Property Law and Land Transfer Law

  • “Property law” contracts (sale, exchange, donation, easement, mutations, general contractor agreement, etc.), official permits, tax clarification regarding real estate profit tax, land transfer law clarification, incorporation of contracts into the land register, creation of commonholds and establishment of mortgages (including builder’s liens)
  • Property and owner protection claims, neighbouring rights, construction processes, inspecting the construction planning and building regulation aspects of construction projects

Construction and Land Use Planning Law

  • Construction permits, construction planning and building regulations procedures or land use planning procedures

Tenancy Law

  • Tenancy law, rental contracts, existing tenancies, rent increases, damage to the rented property, change in ownership, termination of tenancies (judicial or extrajudicial termination, extraordinary dissolution of rental contracts), difficulties in connection with service charges
  • Legal lease disputes, rights of retention, action for eviction