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Sustainability / Sustainability Risks

(Regulation (EU) 2019/2088: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation [SFDR])

The term “sustainability risks” refers to the risk of an actual or potential loss in value of an investment due to the occurrence of environmental, social or governance (ESG) events.

  • Until further notice, NSF Wealth Management Trust reg. only includes sustainability risks in its investment decisions on an isolated and non-binding basis. Their evaluation does not show any relevant impact on the return, because due to the broad diversification and the performance achieved in the past, a relevant impact on the overall portfolio is not to be assumed, although of course the performance in the past has no predictive value for the future.

  • Currently, no investment strategies are offered that fully integrate sustainability criteria at portfolio level.
  • NSF Wealth Management Trust reg. is willing to align its investment strategies with ESG in the future. Due to the rapidly changing regulatory environment, especially with regard to the final technical regulatory standards, as well as the lack of standards related to ESG data comparability, ESG integration is not expected to be implemented before 01.01.2023. Due to the high complexity of the topic, this time window is considered appropriate in order to be able to offer a sustainably satisfactory solution for the clients. ESG integration should be carried out in a measured and sensible manner so that returns are not negatively impacted by the inclusion of sustainability criteria (past performance has no predictive value for the future).