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NSF since 1988


Liechtenstein has been a sovereign principality since 1806 and a constitutional hereditary monarchy based on democratic and parliamentary principles since the constitution of 1921. This political stability is also the key to Liechtenstein’s success, which combines well-established traditions with innovative ideas. Liechtenstein is now one of the most industrialised countries in the world. In addition, the country enjoys modern legislation and a dynamic financial centre.

When our company was founded in the late 1980s, Liechtenstein was not yet a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and was barely integrated into the international scene. The world found itself at the end of the Cold War and was beginning to restructure itself. Liechtenstein was also defining its role in this new world. Against this historically unique backdrop, the experienced asset management expert Richard Negele and the lawyer Hugo Sele (lic.iur and lic.oec HSG) laid the foundations of NSF in 1988. Today, the members of the partnership are Richard Negele, Hugo Sele, Dr Veit Frommelt, and Dr Heinz Frommelt.

  • The 1990s were set to be decisive years for the prosperity of Liechtenstein. The country consistently continued to forge ahead with its international integration, joining major international organisations such as the WTO, EFTA and the UN, and, last but not least, probably the most important step – joining the EEA in 1995. EEA membership gave rise to opportunities for both the country and our firm that were resolutely exploited. As a logical consequence, Liechtenstein experienced sustained success as a highly diversified business location. Legislation in the financial services sector was drafted in line with EU standards, benefiting alongside export-oriented industry from easy access to the EU market. At the same time, an increasing number of national and international companies recognised Liechtenstein’s appeal as a location. In this respect, NSF proved itself to be a professional and reliable partner with both international expertise and solid foundations in Liechtenstein.
  • With increasing internationalisation and the growing importance of European law, the new millennium brought further positive developments. In 2009, with the Liechtenstein Declaration acknowledging the OECD’s taxation principles, new parameters for the 21st century were also established. In addition, tax law and foundation law were significantly revised by the legislature. The liberal economic environment and numerous bilateral taxation agreements today offer the precondition for sustained economic growth in Liechtenstein.
  • In 2012 our law firm opened a branch in Zurich to provide a local service in the area of criminal tax law, implementing tax agreements and asset structuring in a tax-compliant environment. Our company therefore recognises the growing importance of tax advice at the national and, notably, international level.
  • Since 2016, NSF Rechtsanwälte has constituted an independent Swiss partner firm in Zurich.
  • The professional and historical interconnection of NSF Services and NSF Wealth Management with the firms Sele Frommelt & Partner Rechtsanwälte Vaduz and NSF Rechtsanwälte Zurich within a Group creates the ideal conditions for client-oriented, efficient and high-quality service provision. At the NSF service centres for law, wealth management and trusts, experience and know-how have been combined for more than a quarter of a century with a deep-rooted service culture.
  • Our firm employs top specialists with the necessary experience and international references combined with a fresh perspective. They work in a wholly reliable, efficient and competent manner to implement our philosophy of “protecting your life’s work”. We continuously strengthen the required expertise through ongoing training and development, notably with regard to international standards and laws, and, last but not least, we routinely invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure. We keep abreast of the latest developments on behalf of our clients. With local roots and excellent international connections.
  • The Group currently has some 40 employees.