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General Civil Law, Law of Obligations and Contract Law

We comprehensively advise and represent you in all questions concerning general civil law, law of obligations and contract law.

We are the right people to help you in the following areas:

Social Security Law

  • Social security law, health and accident insurance law, disability insurance law, occupational pensions law

General Civil Law

  • All legal issues concerning everyday business life, the drafting, negotiation, review and enforcement of contracts of all kinds, contract and commercial matters in general (e.g. general terms and conditions or general terms and conditions of sale and delivery), issues relating to liability, labour, pensions, order/purchase/service contracts, etc.

Insurance Law and Liability Law

  • Issues relating to insurance law, action for performance, declaratory action, liability cases, claims for damages, personal, material and financial damage, legal consequences of traffic accidents, occupational accidents, occupational diseases, construction defects or medical malpractice

Law of Obligations and Contract Law

  • Contract drafting, negotiation and review, real estate contracts (purchase, exchange, donation, etc.), employment and rental contracts, corporate and shareholder pooling agreements, surety agreements, marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Execution and enforcement of contracts, judicial and extrajudicial proceedings

Right of Residence and Right of Establishment

  • Right of residence and right of establishment
  • Related areas: including labour law (work permits), tax law (flat-rate taxation) and real estate law (purchase of real estate)